20 armor penetration gem

In the notes section, it states spells are affected by wearing armor. A shred item that shreds MR is only good as an AP? Once you have it, ignore the socket bonuses of any other item with blue socket and just put red gems. It seems to me that the way armor works is fairly broken, especially in regards to how armor skills and enemy damage increases. Almost no effect to start out. I know I hate that shit too.
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[Armor Penetration] Reaching the Armor Pen cap (for the lulz!)

If you were running without a Warrior or they let Sunder Armor fall off the boss, your shots would then calculate based off the original value, or however many Sunders were applied. It turns out the inability to penetrate anything vital in a target wearing armor is a small price to pay for a round that won't penetrate anything vital in the spacecraft. Interestingly, knives are this to a bulletproof vest. These reduce your target's initial armor. If you however still think you dont get enough defense penetratin, please show me a calculation of the mdef penetration a mage can achieve and then explain me why your class requires more defense penetration.
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At Arp, you now deal Other than that it's a very fun perk. So while they were good against enemies that had high defenses, it didn't matter how strong a character was when using them. Anyone who takes this is going bye-bye. Ok so I'm not on PC so can't do this myself but we need to get the Faction armors added into their respective lists.
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This site makes extensive use of JavaScript. Heavy Armor mentions all six listed heavy armor types. Right now, the listing is mixing NPC invisible-from-inventory armor with regular player armor. Posted December 1, at 7: You need a dagger on main hand so you can use Backstab and Ambush. We know or we assume that all bosses got so if someone got armor penetration rating for example the reduction would be:.
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