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There was a raucous chorus of cheers that went up from the rest at this. They turned around just in time to see the door slam shut, pulverizing the rock, and then heard the locking mechanism engage. Then, as the modern era took hold, the tales were told and passed around by the younger generations, embellishing the tales with lurid sexual details that did more to arouse than to instill caution and respect. They could not help themselves looking over their shoulders as if expecting rampaging centaurs to be bearing down on them. The mare, not naturally in heat, was encouraged into lubrication by the clever manipulation of its cunt. He had a neat beard that was shot through with gray. He would bear his naked, aroused prey away on his giant wings, and while in full flight he would hold his human prey to his massive frontal genitalia.
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They spoke of the winged centaur and in long four-legged walks would comfort each other arm in arm, the beautiful potency of their gentalia a welcome and frequent solace as they thought about him and about each other. Upload successful User avatar uploaded successfuly and waiting for moderation. While still largely insubstantial its image now suggested a woman of great beauty and strong features. More than the initial distension of their hindquarters, their minds became distended as they begged him for more, and became hopelessly in love with the winged centaur. There was no natural formation or centaur-built structure that designated it a special area, it was simply the presence of the centaurs standing there and the air of importance they projected. His hair was cropped short, and had gray to match his beard. Again the cockheads smashed into their now wet and barely opened tight vaginal entrances, expanding it even more.
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Posted Tue 21st of January Report. What could have motivated them? They quickly fell asleep in each other's arms and slept soundly through the night. It was so many years ago, yet I remember it as if it were yesterday. This managed to cover her left breast and the small amount of dark hair that sat atop her mound, but not much else. They were impressively large beasts, and even their human halves were quite muscular and imposing.
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It finally lay still against her in a puddle of its own making. Powered by Fiction Portal 2. There was a hint of something more than friendship, but my own attraction overcame the daunting prospect of being alone with the gorgeous centaur. The pain grew worse the longer it went on. Those of the beautiful that ached for the day that they would be prey to the male centaur would also be welcomed by the four-legged, and a community of gentle and arousing urgency grew, joined by new wanderers from the world over. The Centaurs massive cocks slipped up into their throbbing asses with a gauged thrust to mitigate the pain and indulge her acquired pleasure.
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